Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Negeri Sembilan

Arkib Instruction

Instructions on how to achieve the Electronic Archive in


Step 1

Create a category for electronic archive


Step 2

Create the sub-category for the electronic archive category.

Example:- Polisi/Belanjawan/Dokumen Sah- Aktiviti e-Penyertaan- Maklum Balas Pertanyaan


Step 3

Create 1 blank article for each sub category

NOTE: Name article accordingly e.g: "Aktiviti e-Penyertaan 2016", "Aktiviti e-Penyertaan 2017"

Step 4

Copy the article from agdx article and paste the sample tables into respective articles

Step 5 

Create a 2Jtabs for each sub category

Step 6

Create a main article for the electronic archive categoryInsert the 2jTab Modules into the article on by one

Step 7

Copy the CSS from the custom.css AGDX site (Only ARKIB CSS section)

Update your site custom.css

Step 8

Publish your article